One on one sessions

connect with me with a one on one session

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Distance is easy, Skype and Zoom Sessions Available!!

A one on one session consists of me doing an intuitive body scan on you and identifying any energy blocks, subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, old resentments, rejections regrets, old trauma and much more as everyone is unique and every session is different.

After identifying your blocks we work with a questioning process called digging.  This is a deep gentle way of going into the subconscious mind to identify what programs and patterns are limiting you, holding you back or causing you discomfort in your life.

Once the blocks and imbalances have been identified we are then able to do energy healing through the creator of all that is to shift, change and recreate new beliefs and programs within the subconscious mind.

We can also look at what individual healing is required in the bodies anatomy.   There are many ways that this modality can help you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Session rates

60 minute $100 + GST


90 Minute $150 + GST

One Session can help in many areas however, I suggest looking at committing to a package to really dig in and create some big changes from your past,in the present and future.