About Me

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Skylie Cash

Spiritual Development Mentor & Change Maker

Right now, I know that I am a confident and very accurate intuitive healer and teacher.  I know that I can do an intuitive body scan and see accurately what needs to be shifted, cleared or healed in either their anatomy, energy, beliefs and programs or old emotions and trauma.

It most definitely  hasn’t always been like this.

For as long as I can remember I have been an open channel absorbing, seeing, hearing and feeling all different types of energies.   Such as, other people’s thoughts, emotions, spirits and land energy.  All of this made me extremely sensitive because I had no Idea that this was happening to me or what was going on.  I just thought it was normally to be on this borderline “I’m going crazy” rollercoaster.  I needed to find some kind of energy healing.

Luckily 11 years ago I found ThetaHealing®, the first thing it did was give me a safe process to balance and use this energy in a positive way.  It gave me safe boundaries so that I could have a normal life with all of this going on.  It also gave me a process where I could shift and change any beliefs and programs that were either blocking me or holding me back.  Some original big ones were, I have to suffer, I have to sacrifice myself for my loved ones, I am alone, healers are evil, I will be punished for being a healer and many many more.

My confidence in my accuracy as an intuitive healer came when I was in 2 courses, ThetaHealing® intuitive anatomy and disease and disorder.  My teacher gave us an activity to do a distance healing on someone on the other side of the world with just their name, their age a place.  During the process, I saw so much information come flooding though my mind, I could see everything, her anatomy, the memories in the cells and the resentments that were held in her body. 

At the time, what I didn’t have was full belief in myself and the level of detail that I was seeing.  My mentor stood next to me and made me say everything that I saw and wrote it down to give to the person I was reading.  I didn’t believe that it was possible for me to see in that much detail.

When the feedback returned from the person that I read, it was all 100% accurate.  I had seen that she had lost her loved one and there were old emotions and energy sitting in her body that I could see and feel so clearly.  Her feedback to me was that she had been married and right after the wedding her husband became ill.  She then quickly went from being a newly wed to the role of his carer and then he passed away, it was a very sad story.   Her feedback was that she was extremely grateful for the clarity and healing. 

The other major moment of confidence for me was during the ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorder course I attended.   I did an intuitive body scan on someone and in under 4 minutes I was able to identify that they had crone’s disease and it turned out that they did have this illness.  I was then able to go deep into the cells of the body to see what  energy, beliefs, programs and patterns were attached to this illness.  Everything I saw ended up being accurate to their life.

I quickly learnt to trust myself and that no matter what I see, it is never going to make any sense to me but I just need to trust that it is real and correct.  We get told as children that our imagination isn’t real and I promise you these images look exactly like my imagination.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I am sharing this with you today because I believe that every single human being on this earth is doing this daily.  Some people are more open than others but everyone is constantly picking up on other people’s thoughts, feelings and energies while at the same time their minds are jumping from the past, the present and the future so quickly that it is unknown to them.

Without understanding and boundaries life can feel overwhelming, bringing anxiety, stress and confusion.  Even making you feel crazy, over sensitive and lost.

With understanding and boundaries, life turns into a fun game of magic.  A place that is transformational, unexplainable, multi dimensional and really easy.

When you have the ability to consciously intuitively see, hear and feel you see the world for what it really is, it’s a playground of possibility.

I love what I do.

I love it because I can share this knowledge and understanding as well as facilitate healing for others.  I can help you bring yourself back into alignment with the divine being that you truly are, how amazing is that for a day job! 

I have seen amazing transformations, healings and miracles and it gives me so much joy to hold space for you while you bring this magic into your life.   

We all have this inside of us, do you want to play??