what is being in colour®?


Being in Colour® is a fabulous card process that assists you to look inside yourself to find the truth in confusion, a situation or find clarity while in an emotional state.  The cards bring you peace of mind while helping you to understand yourself and your needs. 

The Being in Colour Cards are designed to trigger an emotion or feeling that goes deep within your subconscious mind.  A practitioner is trained to help you form an effective open question to assist you in finding clarity around your situation.   We use open worded questions such as how, when and what, avoiding any closed questions that would result in a yes or no answer.

Sometimes your realization can be fairly quick and the resulting revelation is a wonderful start on the road to the "new you".
Being in Colour® assists you to formulate a focus, an affirmation and work towards your goal through this innovative method.

One on One Card Reading

I will help you formulate the best open questions required to identify how to bring clarity to your situation. 

We will work through the cards until you have given yourself a deep understanding and clarity of how to move forward or what your truth is in a situation is that you are confused or out of balance by.

  We do this by you answering your own questions using the Being in Colour Cards.

Empower yourself today

Get rid of confusion, frustration and indecisiveness