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In the energetic world that we live in there are many things that can throw us off balance.

I can support you by showing you how to bring balance and peace to you and your surroundings.

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chakra/energy center balancing

Bring balance and alignment back with a chakra/energy center balancing. Weather you have been through a rough patch, you have just had a major change, you find yourself taking on other peoples energies or you have held on to old energies from the past, this 30 minute alignment could be just what you need to kick start your journey to healing.

Each chakra is connected to how we show up and feel in our day to day lives. For example:

Root Chakra - Red - If this is out of balance then we are not connecting to the earth. This affects how we feel regarding support and structure as well as how much abundance we are creating in our lives.

Sacral Chakra - Orange - If this is out of balance it can affect our creativity, ability to accept change, our appetites and addictions.

Solar Plexus - Yellow - If this is out of balance it can affect how we feel about and use our power, our identity and our how we define ourselves in the world.

Heart Chakra - Green - If this is out of balance we may find it hard to is connected to self love, acceptance and it can affect our social identity. How we love and who we love. This energy center if balanced can give us a deep sense of peace and centeredness.

Throat Chakra - Blue - If this is out of balance it can affect your self expression and speaking your truth. This energy center when in balance can help us speak and communicate our highest truth with ease.

Third Eye - Indigo - If this is out of balance we can find it hard to see the truth, use our clairvoyance sense and be afraid to use our imagination or co-creative sight. When this is balanced we are able to see and feel the truth by seeing who we truly are through the bigger picture.

Crown Chakra - Purple - If this is out of balance our divine guidance, higher self knowledge and connection to source will be blocked our out of balance. When this is in balance we are able to have a pure spiritual connection, download wisdom and knowledge while trusting in our sense of just knowing the guidance we receive is for our highest and best.

30 Minute Sessions Available for $60

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Houses and land can hold onto old energy from past events and effect the places we spend most of our time.

There can be memories in the walls, trauma in the land, vortex’s and portals (to name a few) that can be creating an unsettled feeling or disharmony in your home, work place or surrounding land.

I am able to come to you or work via distance to help you find the peace in your home you have been wanting. If you have recently purchased a house, moved into a new rental or lived somewhere for a lifetime knowing something just doesn’t feel right I can help you clear your space and create a new peaceful environment.

If you are trying to sell your home and nothing is working, there could be more to it than you realize. Contact me for more details.

Prices range from $200 - $400


guardian angel guidance readings

Connect with your guides and guardian angels. See what messages of guidance they have for you in a 30 minute reading. This reading is all channeled straight from your guides and can guide you to focus on what is needed for you to be the best version of you and live the life you are wanting to create.

30 Minute Readings Available for $60


one on one sessions

A one on one session consists of me doing an intuitive body scan on you and identifying any energy blocks, subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, old resentments, rejections or regrets, old trauma with much more.  Because everyone is unique, every session is different.

We can also look at what individual healing is required in the bodies anatomy.   There are many ways that this modality can help you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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specialized packages

These packages have been created to focus on specific needs for your transformation.  Package deals can allow you to take a journey to a deeper level of transformation with more than one session at a package rate price!

I can help you with self-sabotage and procrastinationyour relationship with food & fitnessmoney and abundancelove and relationshipsclearing & letting go of old abuse and trauma, confidence, not having a voice, your connection with Creator/God/Universe & using your intuitive gifts.  

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