Being in Colour®


I am a teacher in training!!  However, I can still arrange for you to experience this course with myself and my mentor.

Being in Colour® can be learnt through just reading through the book and lot's of practise. The Toolkit is comprehensive.

So you can develop yourself independently and / or like me you prefer learning in a concentrated fashion; so please inquire about taking a Being in Colour class.

The introductory level to learn the Being in Colour® process for yourself

On this one or two-day workshop you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Being in Colour® cards and the process
  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Touch on the psychology of colour
  • Understanding colours of the mind and body
  • Meditation
  • Explore why you react to colours the way you do
  • Establish what the hidden colour messages are indicating
  • Become confident in doing 1-3 colour card readings for yourself and on others
  • Optional: Commence doing case studies (mainly on day two)
  • Discussion and reflection time
  • Establish a workable aim and life focus for the NOW!
  • Upon completion of this workshop a Reader Level 1 certificate is given.

At Level 1 we only endorse you using the cards on yourself or with others at no charge.

This workshop in itself is not really sufficient to give you the skills to do readings on others. Practitioners wanting to use the cards on others are required to complete the second day plus 10 case-studies and achieve a certain level of competency in performing readings.

Pricing for Being in Colour® Level 1:

$200 (per day) This includes your Being In Colour Cards/Toolkit

This is 2-day workshop: Day 1 is for everyone, day 2 is optional and for practitioners wanting to go on to use the process with clients.

Distance is easy, Skype and Zoom Sessions Available!!